Bisexual Breakdown

Exploring pop, fan, and bi culture. Join hosts Katie and Serena, two long time fandom participants, as they discuss all things fandom and pop culture from a bisexual lens.

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The Queer-Straight Alliance

Tuesday Apr 02, 2024

Tuesday Apr 02, 2024

Your bisexual besties are back! After a short hiatus while we dealt with some real life stuff, we have returned with an episode where we discuss straight people and their roles in the queer community, including straight people playing queer parts in media, and straight people partaking in queer designated spaces. We hope you enjoy this episode!

Thursday Feb 22, 2024

Welcome back Bisexual Besties! On today's episode, we are dissecting our love for the classic BBC series Merlin with our good friend Em, who you may know as the curator of merlinoutofcontext on tumblr. We discuss how we discovered the show, why it's still so beloved after so many years, and share some hot takes about queer baiting.
Fanfics mentioned in the episode:
And like the cycle of the year, we begin again
Small Weird Love
All Is Found
Also, if you would like to join us on our Merlin server, you can do so here

Thursday Feb 01, 2024

Hello Bisexual Besties! We are back with Part Two of our comprehensive and not at all biased breakdown of Nicholas Galitzine's entire filmography (thus far). This episode features surprisingly intense thoughts on Cinderella, and unsurprisingly harsh critiques of Purple Hearts. We hope you enjoy this final episode dedicated to our favourite babygirl.

Thursday Jan 11, 2024

Your Bisexual Besties are back! This time we are discussing our current fave, Nicholas Galitzine! We watched his entire filmography so that you don't have to (even though we actually think there's several of his projects you should watch). This is part 1 of what will be a 2 part series where we discuss the first half of his filmography, and introduce the Official Nick Galitzine Filmography Rating System. We'll see you back here in a couple of weeks for part 2!

Friday Dec 22, 2023

Serena and Katie are joined by their good friend Mayo to discuss the holiday rom com genre. They discuss three different LGBTQIA+ holiday rom coms that have come out recently: Single All the Way (2021), Happiest Season (2020), and Merry & (2022).

Red, White & Royal Bi: Part Two

Thursday Dec 14, 2023

Thursday Dec 14, 2023

Serena and Katie are joined by their good fandom friend Snap to discuss the rom com Red, White & Royal Blue. We discuss Nick and Taylor's performances, the bi experience, and the public reaction to the movie. We also continued to be plagued by sound/recording issues. We apologize for any sound quality problems. Please note: this was recorded during the SAG-AFTRA strike. 
We'd like to thank @fensedge for the music.

Tuesday Nov 14, 2023

Serena and Katie are joined by their good fandom friend Snap to discuss the rom com Red, White & Royal Blue. We discuss the similarities and differences between the book and the movie, as well as looking into the importance of this movie coming out at this point in history. This part one of what will be a two part series. Note: Katie was having microphone issues so the sound quality is not amazing. We know this, and we are working on it.
Music for this podcast was created by @fensedge

Welcome to Bisexual Breakdown!

Tuesday Oct 03, 2023

Tuesday Oct 03, 2023

Welcome to a brand new podcast called Bisexual Breakdown, where your hosts Serena and Katie will guide you through an exploratory journey through pop culture, fandom, and bisexuality. In this introduction episode you will get to know your hosts, their fandom history, as well as a taste of what you can expect from future episodes. We hope you'll join us on this journey!

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